What are angel investors looking for in 2019?

Some tech trends to consider adding to your startup… AI? Blockchain? Big Data? Virtual Reality? Augmented Reality?

When VCs are on the prowl for business startups to invest, they’re generally looking for the ones with cutting edge technology. Yes, they are willing to sink their investment dollars into those technologies in order to reap future benefits.

The question though, just what technologies are we talking about here?

Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, the term AI is nothing new. The idea of artificial intelligence used in businesses, is gaining ground in the corporate world. Start ups that incorporate AI into their operations may experience a change in how they have the ability to do typical activities initially, but once AI is fully integrated, they’re able to free up time they never thought possible and concentrate on what matters. Angel investors see this as a win-win since they are able to invest in an cutting edge technology that has never been done before.


Blockchain is one technology that is able to provide a secured real-time ledger of transactions that can give your business startup the openness and transparency it ought to have if it were to become an investor worthy company. Your startup will benefit from blockchain’s capability to provide error-free and secure operations while investors gain by investing in a technology that’s not just trendy but worthy. You will see funding offers out of a collection of traders if your organization startup uses block-chain to its complete advantage in your own organization.

Big Data

Information is anywhere nowadays, and it is only going to get bigger. Companies like yours will soon be capable of using massive data to understand every depth and aspect of your users or clients, so you’re able to improve or create products and services that they want. With enormous data changing the way businesses engage with their customers and provide exceptional customer support, it is no wonder angel investors are excited about the possibilities big data can do. Leverage big data to improve your startup operations and up your standing in the eyes of a VC.

Internet of Things

From Alexa, Google Home to the refrigerator in your home, the Internet of things is already here. With people getting more connected to the cloud than ever, IoT offers an opportunity for fresh products and services that further utilizes IoT within the home and work environment. VCs know how attractive IoT devices are and the way it is changing how consumers use this technology.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Lastly, virtual and augmented reality technology provides your company the ability to engage with your web application’s visitors in a whole different way. A positive user experience with the use of VR or AR, will help your startup get up to speed with the technology of the future and your startup will no doubt draw their attention.

Written by Carl Fourtoy

Carl is a software developer with hands-on experience in data analysis, educational technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain. His key skills include knowledge of Java, JSON & XML Parsing. He's also a junk food lover so, you’ll either find him at his desk busy analyzing and churning out data problems or at a fast food chain trying out the latest fries.


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