Should I go for shared or dedicated hosting?

Choosing between shared and dedicated server hosting

If you own a website, you probably know about shared web hosting because it is often the choice for starters. From GoDaddy to BlueHost to HostGator, the options are anything less than a few. Shared hosting services are beneficial for personal bloggers and small business owners because of the cost.

In shared hosting, each website is allocated a separate partition on a server to keep it distinct from other websites and so in other words, each site shares the common resources like storage space, CPU, and bandwidth etc. The problem with shared hosting is, if a tenant on the server you’re on uses too much bandwidth space, you can be greatly impacted because those bandwidth issues could cause other tenants to suffer as well.

In comparison to shared web hosting, dedicated servers may cost a lot more but the advantages that you can gain are worth the money. Dedicated hosting, as the name suggests, is a type of web hosting where tenants get the whole server rather than allocated shared space on a server. This ensures you as the host get to enjoy uninterrupted server speed and bandwidth.

The other thing dedicated servers make a better choice is the stability and reliability, and security.  With dedicated servers, you are the owner of the entire server so no else but you, have access to your server. You get to configure your own security implementation like firewall without worrying about shared web hosting providers restricting you. This helps you to further secure and protect access rights in your server. You’ll also get to run troubleshooting right away when problems occur without waiting on the phone for the shared web hosting provider to fix trivial problems.

On a dedicated server, you can also upgrade server features any moment according to your business needs. If you need additional bandwidth or looking for extra memory, your company can upgrade that in very little downtime.

Many users are fed up with shared hosting because they can sometimes suffer from slow loading of their web application and all that technical difficulties can cost their business a sizable amount of loss, user retention rate wise.

Another problem with shared hosting is that the IP address assigned to each domain on a shared server may be seen as a negative if another tenant on the server you guys share, is doing some nefarious activities. With a dedicated server, you own your own dedicated IP address meaning, in the eyes of search engines, you will be seen as uniquely you and it is really important to not be grouped with sketchy website you don’t intend to be associated with.

Written by Carl Fourtoy

Carl is a software developer with hands-on experience in data analysis, educational technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain. His key skills include knowledge of Java, JSON & XML Parsing. He's also a junk food lover so, you’ll either find him at his desk busy analyzing and churning out data problems or at a fast food chain trying out the latest fries.

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