Binance acquires mobile cryptocurrency wallet as first official acquisition

Binance, has just announced on Tuesday its acquisition of mobile wallet solution, Trust Wallet.

The number one crypto exchange in the world, Binance, has just announced on Tuesday its acquisition of mobile wallet solution Trust Wallet with the purpose of offering a better service and security for its users.

Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet service for virtual tokens that also works as a browser for its apps. Currently, Trust Wallet accepts Ethereum, and over 20,000 other Ethereum related tokens. Introduced in November 2017, Trust Wallet has already made a name for itself as a secured wallet service.

While Trust Wallet is not as globally known as Imtoken, Delta, or Blockfolio wallets, it is seen as a win for Binance.

Binance has announced that it will take advantage of the company’s user base and leverage on its upcoming decentralized exchange initiative, also known as Dexathon.

Written by Carl Fourtoy

Carl is a software developer with hands-on experience in data analysis, educational technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain. His key skills include knowledge of Java, JSON & XML Parsing. He's also a junk food lover so, you’ll either find him at his desk busy analyzing and churning out data problems or at a fast food chain trying out the latest fries.

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