Another machine learning-based real estate tech firm nets $18M in funding

Skyline AI claims its technology is the most comprehensive data science and machine learning algorithms in the business of real estate. Its technology is supposed to provide quicker and more precise analysis than conventional procedures, so property agents may respond faster to fluctuations in the housing marketplace.

In a media announcement, Sequoia Capital partner Haim Sadger stated “Within the past couple of decades, we have seen AI disrupt lots of traditional businesses and the housing market is no different. The ability of Skyline AI technologies to understand huge amounts of information that impact property transactions, will recreate hundreds of dollars in value.”

Back in June, Skyline AI partnered with an unnamed entity to purchase two residential complexes at Philadelphia for about $26 million. Zipori reportedly said they made a decision to create an unsolicited offer after it was found that those properties were left mismanaged. In July, Skyline AI partnered with Greystone, a property financing, real estate investment and advisory company, to work towards enhancing the loan and dealmaking procedures.

Written by Carl Fourtoy

Carl is a software developer with hands-on experience in data analysis, educational technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain. His key skills include knowledge of Java, JSON & XML Parsing. He's also a junk food lover so, you’ll either find him at his desk busy analyzing and churning out data problems or at a fast food chain trying out the latest fries.

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